Single “Hangover”

Single “Hangover”


Prey, retrace the same way
The patterns of your pace
Easy to retrace

In fact and for what I gather
Talking’s bad, singing’s better
It has always been
Or so it would seem

In the dark, in the night,
The only source of light is a notion
Of where I’ve gone, and what I’ve done – and what I’ve done

In the dark, paralyzed,
uncontrollable delights in slow-motion
And strive for a time, a better paradigm, a new diversion, and a little red wine

Wait, your shirt is washed-out
And so is your brain
Partially insane

I might have seen a lot
But clearly never had to
salute someone
My boozing champion

Wait, now we ain’t falling
Cause now there are two
Paragons of virtue


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